Life is difficult sometimes, well, almost all the time but, our food and nourishment should not be. It’s tiring to stand in the cereal aisle and read every label to make sure I or my loved ones won’t consume something harmful to our bodies. It gets old and we tend to give up, cop up to the thought, “it won’t kill me to have a little,” which turns into a lot, or everyday. Pretty soon we stop considering healthy choices all together because those options are just too expensive, or we don’t have the time to prepare a real meal.


What does that even mean? Do people know what a real meal is anymore or what real food is supposed to taste like?

That’s what Earthly Ingredients is about. Finding real food options through all the mess and informing about what real food actually means. What it’s like to eat 100% organic versus food “enhanced” or completely covered in GMO’s, genetically modified organisms. This blog explains what happens to our bodies over time when we consume these unhealthy foods, what words to look for on labels and packaging, as well as other related topics on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Earthly Ingredients, for me, is a way to document discoveries made in becoming a better, healthier person. I have issues just like any other human being on this Earth and self-healing starts within but, counting over 7 billion people on our planet, there are no acceptable reasons why anyone should go through anything alone. Knowledge is valuable, it should always be shared. And sharing… is caring.



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